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I knew that I wanted to be self-employed and run a business as a child. I feel that it is in my DNA from my Grandparents, who ran a appliance store (Schwalm Appliance) for many years. While it wasn't in the cards for me to run the appliance store, I was fascinated with heavy equipment and would never pass up a chance to take the controls. 

Fast forward; after returning home from the Marine Corps in 2014, I attended college but lost interest quickly. I bought a one-ton pick-up and trailer and entered the transportation industry. I found great success in this endeavor. After a few years, I was able to purchase some equipment and move into the earthworks side.

I enjoy managing this business, operating equipment, and making ideas become a reality. My goal is to expand and manage a profitable organization that will provide quality experiences with long-term stability. 

-Jonathon Schwalm 

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